Jeffree Star CONFIRMS Breakup From Nate Schwandt!

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After much speculation and going radio silent on social media for days, Jeffree Star confirmed that he and longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have officially broken up.

What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here on Clevver News, and it’s a not-so-happy Monday in the land of YouTube.

After days of speculation and even a massive tour cancellation, Jeffree Star has confirmed what we all thought never to be possible -- after over four years of dating, Jeffree and Nathan are no longer together.

The news comes just days after abruptly cancelling his makeup tour with Mmmmitchell for ‘personal reasons’ in the form of a 17-minute long YouTube video titled “We broke up.” and this may be the first time we actually wish it were clickbait.

In the heartbreaking video, Jeffree admitted that it took him multiple attempts at filming, and that he and Nathan, AKA his “soulmate” are both still in a state of shock. Take a look:

The two started dating back in 2015 after first linking on Instagram in 2014.

Many fans have been searching for reasons as to why the two broke up considering they have so much love for each other, however, it seems as though Jeffree tiptoes around the truth throughout the video at times. There were multiple points where he brought up some reasons as to what led them to their breaking point, including the fact that the two love each other, but they are not “in love” with each other.

Jeffree also continues to state that Nathan has never wanted to be in the spotlight and had a hard time adjusting to the attention he’s been given as a result of their public relationship and why the two started growing apart.

He said, “This was the only man that was ever confident enough to love me publicly, to love me for me, fully, all my flaws, no makeup waking up in bed," he said in the video. "He never cared about any of it, and he just loved me for me.”

He also revealed in a heartbreaking tweet that the two have been broken up for a few weeks now, and it seems that the likely biggest cause of the split was because the two were so focused on loving each other, that they forgot to love themselves.

He wrote, “We were too busy being there for each other, that we forgot to be there for ourselves… It’s important to take care of your own mental well-being and check on yourself.”

However, let it be known that there was absolutely no drama behind the split. Jeffree clearly stated QUOTE, “This isn't like an Internet fight. This isn't drama, this isn't tea. This is my real life and me and my soul mate are really going through it and we've both been through so much the last few years… I will always have love for him. We love each other and he will always be in my life.”

Jeffree continued to talk about the split in a series of gut-wrenching tweets, including, “The hardest part has been waking up and he's not laying next to me anymore.. But I'm a tough bitch and 2020 is going to be my year.”

You guys, no joke, after reading through Jeffree’s tweets, I seriously can’t help but feel like I’m also going through this breakup… BUT there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and as Jeffree stated, he’s a “tough bitch”.

Since the split, Jeffree has been sharing minor updates about his well-being, including one tweet that read, “Good morning everyone... Today was the first morning I didn't cry over the dog bowls when making their breakfast. Hi progress, how are ya?”

Baby steps, right guys?!

But just like any public breakup, this one also came with its share of rumors and speculation.

After just two days of announcing the news, Jeffree has already been hit with claims that Nathan has moved on with a woman.

Jeffree clearly wasn’t having it with the rumors, and instantly took to Instagram to slam the false rumors.

Jeffree has been super transparent about the split, especially how the fake news has been affecting him.

He opened up about the rumors, saying, “Do you think me and him want to date anyone else right now? Do you think that's on our minds? I'm on day 10 of crying my eyes out. So, that's not what we're thinking about right now.”

So at this time, it seems Jeffree is still hurting and healing from the split, so how about instead of spreading rumors, we send him some love?

Be sure to share some kind words and well wishes down here in the comments, and then click right over here for another new video and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates, and I know this one was a tough pill to swallow especially on a Monday morning, and we’re sending all our love to Jeffree and Nathan at this time.

I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time.

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