Hollywood Marriages That Barely Lasted A Year

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8 Shortest Hollywood Marriages You Forgot About. From 55 Hours to 8 months...
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Ahhh weddings. Hollywood sure does make weddings and marriage look pretty dang magical on-screen, but what about the stars who are actually getting married in real life? Hollywood marriages are known to be notoriously short, but some couples barely made it through the ceremony. Some famous couples had quickie Las Vegas weddings that were easily annulled, and others were unofficially married on tropical beaches, making it especially easy to forget that the union ever took place. Other times it was a year that was mostly great, and then suddenly terrible to the point where these celebs just had to call the whole thing off. Romeo and Juliet weren’t the only star-crossed lovers. Most marriage vows make mention of “’til death do us part,” and most people take that seriously. At the same time, most people aren’t celebrities who aren’t afforded the luxury of privacy when it comes to their relationships and love lives. Us normal people get to handle our relationship business mostly in private and in our own time. Celebrities have to release full statements about their relationship status and that’s always tricky. Sometimes we even get a look inside their messy court cases over their divorces. We’re always rooting for them to work it out, but sometimes, that’s not the way the stars align. Look, we know: stuff happens, and not every marriage is forever. In the case of the following stars, however, their vows either managed to make it past 365 days, or they didn’t even last a full calendar year.

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