10 Shocking Facts You DON'T Know About North Korea

10 Shocking Facts You DON'T Know About North Korea

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10 surprising facts you may not have known about North Korea.
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Oh, North Korea. This barking dog from the East has been no danger to the West, but its people are a chew-toy forever gnawed. North Korea is a dictatorship with few individual rights and freedoms, and easily holds the title as the most oppressive country in the world. The thing that separates North Korea from history’s other dictatorships, however, is the sheer absurdity of its ruler(s). Stalin, Hitler, and Mao commanded a fearful respect from their opponents, and their regimes were taken seriously by the rest of the world. The Kims, despite all the propaganda and legal compulsion, are not respected. They are laughing stocks – punchlines for the free populace. Ironically, it’s the propaganda that ruined their reputation. Propaganda has been used to the advantage of many a reprehensible state to manipulate public opinion, but North Korea’s claims are so outlandish that no discerning person could believe them. Unfortunately, North Koreans have no choice but to believe, and, with their country being autonomous, it’s hard to free them from the reality in which they’re imprisoned. All we can do to limit Kim Jong-un’s power is to highlight the absurd state of his country.

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