Diplo Discovers He & Drake Are Feuding!

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You remember back in middle school when you would find out that someone you thought was your friend actually has been talking about you behind your back? Forget middle school, that still happens to some of us as a full grown adult. The people who I’m talking about know who they are…And yes, one of those people are none other than Drake. What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News. Why does it seem like the two official artists of the decade are the artists that have the most long-term feuds with other celebs? Don’t answer that.But this time, the other party wasn’t even aware of his feud with Drake until pretty recently. And it took a lot of work to find out.You might not think that Diplo and Drake are feuding. Partly because even Diplo didn’t know that he and Drake had beef!The two have worked together in the past. Back in 2017, Diplo said in an interview that he and Drake would text each other regularly. And more recently, just last year, Diplo did a remix of Travis Scott and Drake’s collaboration, “Sicko Mode”, which topped the charts and still remains one of Travis Scott’s most successful songs. But sometime between then and now, Diplo fell out of Drake’s good graces. We know that because Drake recently unfollowed Diplo on both Instagram AND Twitter. And, Drake did this all despite Diplo’s fire content. So we know that he must REALLY have some beef with the DJ. Like who doesn’t want to see Diplo hanging with a stingray? Or his photoshop skills?Or whatever this is? No, to unfollow Diplo, you must really be angry with this man! To make matters worse, Diplo also said in an interview with The Cut that Drake, quote “for sure hates” him.So what did Diplo do? What any self-respecting multimillionaire paranoid trickster would do. He hired a team to investigate just why Drake might hate him.After a long investigation and God knows how much money, the team of beef investigators found what they think is the source of Drake’s animosity. A single tweet. Yes, who knew one tiny hyperlink to Twitter could have so much power on people?Diplo’s seemingly controversial tweet has since been deleted, and honestly, even he doesn’t remember what it said exactly. But it had something to do with Drake’s son, Adonis, joining the music group Brockhampton. Which honestly sounds like a compliment to me. Brockhampton has crushed it over the past few years, performing at music festivals all over like Outsidelands and Coachella. Some people say they’re the new Odd Future, so I’m not sure why Drake took offense to that! But Diplo is standing by his tweet. He said “I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was super funny”. And I bet it was! Diplo has a knack for Twitter too, not just Instagram. Still, he deleted the tweet and would like to also delete his feud with Drake. But that wasn’t the only time Diplo has tweeted about Drake, so it’s possible that that singular tweet wasn’t the SOLE reason why Drake is keeping his distance.It could have been when Diplo first found out that Drake was a dad, you know, because Drake was trying to keep it a secret for a little while there before he was exposed by Pusha T.Diplo tweeted in May of last year that he just found out that Drake has a baby.And Diplo also wasn’t too impressed with Drake’s Coachella performance back in 2015. In fact, he skipped out on it altogether.
Okay, I don’t think Drake can be mad about that one, because even Madonna said that would be a good idea.And what Madonna says goes. So see, guys, I think I would be a great addition to Diplo’s Diss Detective team. I found a few more reasons why Drake might not like him. But Diplo is outwardly sorry for his offensive tweets and anything else that he might have done to make Drake mad. In a public statement via the interview with The Cut, Diplo said “Come back, dude! I miss us! I miss us!
But that’s all I’ve got for you guys now. What do you think of this apparent feud between these two? Why do you think Drake is actually mad at Diplo? These tweets, perhaps? Or is there more to it? Let me know your theories, no matter how crazy they are, down in the comments below.

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