Tana Mongeau & Alissa Violet Are "In Love"

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We all know that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet have a tumultuous history, so it was a spooky Halloween surprise to see Alissa and Jake’s wife Tana Mongeau hanging out together Wednesday night.What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and to say that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet have a complicated past, would be an understatement.So when Alissa and Jake’s current love interest, Tana Mongeau, are spotted hanging out together, many questions arise, like Why? How? And...But I think it’s important to understand what went down between Alissa and Jake to know why this is such a big deal.Here’s a little backstory in case you forgot…They had a very confusing dating history and it was a long standing “were they” “weren’t they” even for Alissa herself. They never said for sure whether or not they were together, but they never denied it either. Regardless, their quirky chemistry earned them millions of subscribers and shippers of Jalissa.

But it wasn’t always as happy go lucky as it seemed on camera off camera. And I just wanted to give a trigger warning because we will be discussing abuse allegations and only watch if you are comfortable doing do.Jake claimed that Alissa cheated on her with his brother Logan and subsequently kicked her out of the Team 10 house where they were all living. But Alissa claimed that she and Jake’s relationship was never real.She also uploaded a video to her own channel explaining her side of the story.And Shane Dawson ended up getting involved and tried to break down both sides of the story. He talked to both Alissa and Jake about what happened between them.But in Shane’s interview with Alissa they dive into the abuse allegations Alissa had made against Jake at the time of their messy quote un quote break up.She said while it was mostly emotional abuse, occasionally he would take pranks and filming stunts way too far and she would actually get hurt. Truly, only Jake and Alissa know what REALLY went down between them, but based on all of this, them going their separate ways was probably for the best.But obviously the past is in the past and they have both moved on.

So much so that Alissa was actually hanging out with Tana Mongeau, AKA Jake Paul’s wife.Are we still calling her that? Honestly I don’t know if they are still married or if they ever were, but regardless Jake and Tana are having relations.So to see Alissa and Tana hanging out was pretty shocking to many. As far as we know, this is one of the first times these two have been spotted together since Tana and Jake got together.On Alissa’s secondary Instagram account she posted this video of her and Tana and captioned it quote, “we’re in love”

They are posing and hugging and at the end looks like they drop off screen for a possible fake out kiss moment.And fans are just about as confused as we are by this new found friendship.So obviously, fans are happy to see these two getting along, but definitely have questions.Tana then added fuel to the fire and shared Alissa’s post on her Instagram story.Jake didn’t speak out on Alissa and Tana hanging out, but it looked like he too was spending Halloween week with Tana.Jake shared a pic of he and Tana dressed as none other than Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.And I have to say, this is a very topical costume given the success of Shane and Jeffree’s current YouTube series and new makeup collection dropping tomorrow, November 1st.It wasn’t the only Shane and Jeffree costume I’ve seen this week, but it was great.And fans were loving this costume too.But this wasn’t Jake and Tana’s only couple’s Halloween costume.They also dressed up as Justin Timerlake and Britney Spears’s iconic 2001 American Music Awards look.This all denim matching outfits are now infamous, kind of like Tana and Jake, and I was so here for this costume.But I want to know what you guys think.
What do you think is going on with Alissa and Tana hanging out? Are things mended between Alissa and Jake, or is this just another plot twist to give them more Clout?!
Let me know down in the comments below.

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