The Sad Truth About Rose Hanbury And Prince William

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Inside The Crazy Life Of Rose Hanbury
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If you follow the royal family, you would’ve heard by now, the rumors that Prince William has cheated on his wife Kate Middleton. Not only that, it’s claimed that Rose Hanbury is who he cheated on her with. Yep the world can’t stop talking about this and want to know more about who Rose is and how this came about.

Well we have delved a little deeper to get those answers for you so stay tuned as we share not only details about what happened, and give you a better idea about who Rose Hanbury is. Well, back in March a British tabloid published details of a “fall-out” between Kate and her close friend Rose Hanbury. The story claimed that Kate had been telling William that they need to “phase out” Rose and her husband.

Now, no reasoning for the fall-out was given at the time — only the news that Kate wanted nothing to do with them. But the story also claimed that William was protesting and each actions, because he had been enjoying their “double dates.”

Shortly after that, another tabloid claimed that that both women had “considered legal action” because of the article being false. Now we hear false or twisted stories all the time, so it wouldn’t surprise us if the same thing happened here, but a few more little clues are what got people thinking that this may have actually happened.

A royal reporter, who likely had more inside details took to Twitter to share their feelings about it all, tweeting
“yes. it is an affair. i haven’t read the piece but i know about the affair. everyone knows about the affair, darling.” Now, that tweet has now come down so many people out there are convinced he was forced to. We have to point out that reports claim this particular reporter is known for stirring up trouble, but also that he is a “well-connected” media personality — so if it were true, it’s likely he would know.

In early April, American publications picked up the story and their rumored affair became cover stories. Intimate details of both the affair itself were published and also how Kate found out about it. Shortly after this, William’s legal team sent out a warning to a British publication that published a similar story. The warning accused the outlet of writing “false and highly damaging” allegations. Many people saw this as a warning to other British publications that were thinking about also publishing details on the affair.

On one hand many people are convinced that this warning make William seem more guilty, especially considering him and Kate are yet to publicly deny the rumors, despite the this story blowing up all over the world. On the other hand, obviously if this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t want to world thinking it had happened so its understandable he would put a stop to it.

Now how is Rose Hanbury feeling about it all? Well, before this story came out, her name probably wasn’t one you had heard of. So, let’s take a look at who Rose is and how she actually knows Kate and William.

Now amid these rumors, a feud between William and Harry is coming to light. Reports have come out that William and Harry, who once seemed to be the closest of brothers, now barely speak to one another. So could this be because of the cheating scandal if the reports turn out to be true?


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