Ariana Grande's Pet Pig In DANGER?!?!

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We all remember Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s whirlwind romance. The engagement, the tattoos, oh yeah, and the pet pig. But where on earth is Piggy Smallz? We haven’t seen the piglet in a hot minute and fans are seriously freaking out!

What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and whenever there’s a breakup, exes always divide up the shared items. When Pete and Ariana broke up, Ari kept their small pet pig named Piggy Smallz.

I know, I know in this case it’s a pig, but that was too easy.

Though now, about a year since Pete and Ari’s short-lived love story, fans, myself included, are concerned about the well-being of Piggy Smallz.

For a while Piggy was blowing up on Instagram. She was posting on her IG account on the regular with funny gibberish captions.

Her even starred in Ari’s music video for her song Breathin’.

But now she hasn’t posted on IG since January.

That’s like 6 months people! I need to know the where-abouts and the livelihood of this tiny pig or I am going to lose it.

And I’m not alone, Ariana’s fans are freaking out on social media and we demand answers!

One person wrote, “i miss piggy smallz... i hope he’s alive and well”

And another got a little dark and said quote, “is piggy smallz alive? like myron or toulouse ate her?”

Ok and if you think that’s morbid just wait.

This person said quote, “y’all thinking piggy smallz is bacon now.... i can’t”

But Ari kinda sorta cleared the air on the topic.

She posted on her Instagram story what someone wrote which was quote, “Okay so I think we haven’t seen much of piggy smallz because Toulouse and Myron ate him. Ariana is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want people to know piggy is dead and her dogs are murderers.”

And underneath that nonsense Ari wrote quote, “Please get help immediately all of you.”

Which confirms that none of that is true and that Piggy is definitely not bacon or a doggy snack.

Piggy is probably just taking some time off social media. Everyone is doing those cleanses these days.

So it looks like there’s nothing to see here, and hopefully we’ll see more of Piggy soon.

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you. Have you been worried sick about Piggy Smallz? And did you actually think something happened to her?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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