20 Actors Who Lost Control And Took It Too Far

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Actors Who Took Their Method Acting Too Far On Set And Lost Control. Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, Joaquin Phoenix...
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Being an actor in Hollywood is not as easy as it looks. In fact, many actors and actresses go to extreme measures to pull off the Oscar-worthy performances you see every year. The 2020 Academy Award nominees are no different. You might be surprised at the lengths these movie stars go to get the Oscar Award. Many actors go to extreme measures to get those crazy, intense, and explosive performances that make audiences applaud.

Joaquin Phoenix was too spontaneous with stunts on the set of “Joker.” Scarlett Johansson was using her real-life experiences for her performance in “Marriage Story.” Adam Driver had to ice his hand after the famous wall-punching scene in “Marriage Story.” Charlize Theron had to use special makeup for “Bombshell,” though she prefers not to go so extreme with method acting techniques anymore. Jennifer Lopez has pictures of the actual bruises she got from training to pole dance for her movie, “Hustlers.” Rachel Brosnahan’s ribs are fused together from playing her role in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Renee Zellwegger experienced fatigue on the level of Judy Garland for her role in the film honoring “Judy.” Florence Pugh suffered from extreme sadness after her role in “Midsommar” and said that it was a form of therapy to join the cast of “Little Women.” Jessica Chastain said she was “drowning in fake blood” for the movie, “It, Chapter Two.” George MacKay had a particularly difficult day of filming on the set of “1917,” and Kristen Stewart was almost seriously injured on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” Here are the times that actors went a bit too far during the filming of their movies.
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