The Tragic Story Of Doja Cat's Struggle With Fame

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Musician Doja Cat Offers Inside Into Her Struggle With Fame And Cancel Culture.

If you like music, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Doja Cat. She’s originally from Tarzana, California, but for all intents and purposes, she’s from the internet. Or at least, until very recently, she was so good at cultivating fame online that it seemed that way. Doja Cat saw immediate success with her joke song and homemade video fro her single “Mooo!” which took over the internet as a viral sensation. But less than a week post success, Doja Cat experienced what a lot of celebrities these days have: cancel culture. This is the way it goes with internet obsessions.

We scrape together something close to world peace as you, me, and hundreds of thousands of strangers fawn over literally anything or anyone. Then we come to find that the people we’re doting upon were different before we got to know them. Or rather, we’re left to wonder whether they’ve actually changed: Their old tweets or Reddit posts are resurfaced, and we’re forced to contend with what they mean relative to an overabundance of things. Doja Cats old tweets resurfaced and caused quite a lot of backlash. But even after that was all worked out, she found herself in more trouble later when she overly criticized a Cardi B song. Doja would also find herself constantly regretting going on Instagram Live due to cyberbullies and her own “no-filter” attitude making things difficult. Either way, Doja Cat is still a hard-working and self-made artist, who is both dedicated to her art form, and also tries to not take herself too seriously. The journey hasn’t always been easy, and the struggle is real, but Doja Cat might just be here to stay.

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