Kylie Jenner CRITICIZED For Copying Rihanna!

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The Kardashians are constantly receiving backlash for one reason or another and this time Kylie’s under fire for copying Rihanna.

What’s up guys? It’s Dani here with Clevver News and Kylie is on the receiving end of some social media heat for getting maybe a little too much inspiration from Rihanna, and no it has nothing to do with their makeup lines.

To promote the new Kylie Cosmetics summer collection, Kylie posted a pic in a $695 leopard-print body suit.

You know, just your casual at home loungewear when you’re Kylie Jenner.

When I first saw the pic, I just thought it was another classic Kylie flawless mirror selfie, but then I remembered, didn’t I just see Rihanna in this same outfit or am I just going crazy over here?

Verdict, not crazy, cuz Rihanna wore the same outfit before Kylie did in last month’s Interview Magazine.

And you guys, I just can’t stop picturing them as this emoji, you know the one where the two girls are in matching outfits.

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed the copy-cat outfit … pun intended.

People were comparing Kylie and Rihanna and many of them were accusing Kylie of stealing Riri’s look.

One person tweeted quote, “Rihanna is the reason why everyone pulled their leopard
catsuit out the closet in the first place”

And another said quote, “Everything Rihanna do.. they copy. It’s like they’re not ashame of it. Which is mad weird!.”

I mean in Kylie’s defense, maybe they just have similar styles? Leopard body suits are probably must be all the rage in celebrity fashion right now.

But this isn’t the first time a Kardashian was accused of copying another celeb’s look.

Kylie’s older sister Kim was recently accused of wearing model, Naomi Campbell’s 90’s looks.

An Instagram account called Diet Prada posted this series of photos of outfits Kim has worn recently and ones Naomi wore in the 90’s.

Ok so that’s definitely a little sus, there’s 5 different instances in that one post alone.

But listen… 90’s fashion is back in full force… so repeat fashion offenders are bound to happen!

Just trying to see both sides.

But I want to know what you think regarding Kylie and Rihanna. Is Kylie a Copy-CAT… okay i’m seriously done with the puns! Or do you see the other side of this debate and think these matching outfits are just a coincidence?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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