Kris Jenner Fakes Major Injury For Elaborate Prank On Kim Kardashian!

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Ok so last week we reported on a trailer for the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kris was "tackled" to the ground by Kim's security team. But it turns out, it wasn’t all exactly as it seemed…

What’s up? It’s Emilie Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and last week, Keeping Up With The Kardashians dropped a sneak peek of last night’s episode in which Kris Jenner had been tackled to the ground by Kim's security team and rushed to hospital with a neck injury. The clip was seriously dramatic.

Khloé frantically called Kim to tell her they'd called 911 and she needed to come back home ASAP and to make matters worse, Kris could be heard crying in the background.
And according to Khloe, Kim’s newly-instated security team was monitoring her and Kanye’s backyard when Kris stopped by. Khloe explained that quote, “I told her to go around to the front entrance.” But it looks like Kris didn’t do that and quote, “they just tackled her." And the internet was slightly unwell over this clip. Everyone, myself included, was wondering if Kris was ok.I mean she’s a 63-year-old woman, being tackled shouldn’t be taken lightly.But thankfully, Kris wasn’t actually tackled after all.

Yeah, you heard that right. When the new episode aired yesterday, we all wanted to know the full story and see the footage of Kris being tackled for ourselves. But it turns out that there was one MAJOR detail missing from the trailer…he whole Kris being tackled thing was just an elaborate prank. What actually happened is that Kim's family was getting fed up with the new security team that she had just hired. Kim hired a new, ramped up security team after a series of robberies in her neighborhood.

Earlier this year, 2,000 letters were sent out to residents of Hidden Hills, where Kim lives, warning them about this string of robberies and so Kim hired three full time security guards for her property.In the episode Kris said to Khloe quote, "Do you ever have a problem getting into Kim's house? Every time I go over there, they still don't know who I am."

So to get her point across to Kim, Kris went all out and staged this elaborate prank.
And after Kim received that call from Khloé she watched the surveillance footage for herself.

She saw what looked like Kris getting tackled to the ground. Of course, after seeing this footage Kim got home as fast as she could.But what Kim didn’t know is that it wasn't actually Kris, it was a body double. Obviously Kim raced back to her house, where Kris was laying on a stretcher, neck brace and all, pretending to be injured.

I knew Kris Jenner was extra, but this is taking it to a whole new level. But Khloe finally told Kris to give in and reveal it was a prank.Seriously, with the amount that Kris Jenner does, how on earth does she have the time to stage a prank like this. Like aren’t you helping manage multiple mutli-million dollar companies?

Anyway, what Kris said is valid, I get it, but I also totally get where Kim is coming from wanting heightened security after everything she’s been through.Kim does not mess around when it comes to security, and if they aren’t doing their job, they will be fired.
So actually, I think her current security would probably get a raise if they tackled someone to the ground if they were spotted strolling through their backyard.

Maybe not if it was actually Kris, but still, you get my point.mAnyway, we all remember when Kim was robbed in Paris and ended up firing her security guard Pascal Duvier back in 2016. Pascal had been with the Kardashians since 2012 and he went to France with the family when Kim, Kendall, and Kourtney were there for Paris Fashion Week.

For a little refresher, while Kim was home alone in her hotel room, Pascal accompanied her two sisters as they went out partying. While Kim was home alone, five masked men broke into her place and held her at gunpoint. Kim was gagged and bound and forced to plead for her life.

But that’s not all. Last year news broke that Kim’s insurance company filed a $6.1 million lawsuit against her former security team, who were hired to keep her protected. Pascal and his security and protection company ‘Protect Security’ were sued by American International Group for over $6 million.

So yeah, it’s no surprise that Kim takes security very seriously and has hired what Kris has called a Navy Seal team due to recent robberies in her neighborhood. But I want to know what you guys think.

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