Actors Who Refuse To Work Together Ever Again

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You'll Never Guess Who Refuses To Work Together And What's Happened On Set!

While there may be some truth to the idea that famous actors are “living the dream,” acting is still a job. Whether you work in an office or on the set of a film, it is safe to say that you aren't always going to get along with your coworkers. Working with somebody you do not like can make your job seem all the more demanding, while thickening your work-environment with tension. While replacing a cameraman with a bad attitude, or a secretary with poor people skills can be done, kicking an A-list actor off the set of your film can be ill-received by the public. Which is why many directors and actors will remain civil during the entirety of a movie shoot despite tensions. There is one difference, though: when you’re in the spotlight, these feuds can become much more intense. A lot of the time, it stems from either jealousy or money, although there are a few strange and out of the box incidents that can cause hatred between coworkers too. From simple personality conflicts to deranged name-calling and everything in between.

And sometimes, after shooting is over, these actors put out the word that they never want to work with that person ever again! Some actors have even forced the crew and also the film editors to get creative by using stand-ins to film scenes with actors they don’t get along with so that their faces aren’t seen, to even refusing to finish films. You may be shocked to find out which on-screen best friends were actually brutal enemies behind the scenes, and swore off working with them forever!

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