Trisha Paytas Gets MARRIED & Reveals New Husband!

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Trisha Paytas just got married and if you’ve been wondering who she married, you might actually recognize the groom. And trust me, we’re just as confused as you are.

What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Trisha Paytas has had quite the whirlwind few weeks.

She first dropped her controversial video about how she is transgender.

Then she issued an apology video about many of her misinformed claims she made in that video.

I mean she even went on TV to talk about being transgender.

But now that all weirdly seems to be behind her because she is focused on something new, her marriage.

Which honestly, if you have been following Trisha you would know this came out of absolutely nowhere.

Last week she posted a video called “I’m getting married next week (actually)” but she didn’t reveal who she was marrying. She said quote, “They're well known, but they're just a private person, so even though they're a public person, they're private" and that’s pretty much all she said about her man.

Her fans and followers were trying to solve the mystery of who she was marrying all week online.

One fan wrote quote, “who is trisha paytas engaged to”

Another said quote, “Maybe I missed something but how does Trisha Paytas go from making videos about being alone and unloved to being engaged in the span of a few weeks?”

And another wrote quote, “I’m calling it now that Trisha Paytas is marrying Aaron Carter”

And on the day of her wedding she posted this pic and wrote quote, “Today was wild. I got married and got to go on stage with @CrissAngel
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