Ella TV - Tedros Ermias - Das hawuya - New Eritrean Music 2018 - ( Coming Soon )

Ella TV - Tedros Ermias - Das hawuya - New Eritrean Music 2018 - ( Coming Soon )

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" New Eritrean Music 2018 " Coming This Saturday on Ella TV
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This song is not a reflection on an Eritrean legend that is told to have happened some 800 years ago.
This is a story ov vengeance whose setting is controversial.
But this song mainly focuses on its import.
There once was a chief from the tribe of Belew.
Díbul was his name and Degyat was his title.
Kdstihana, the chief's daughter, fell in love with Ambesajr, a handsome and burly young man from the tribe of Mera.
Kdstihana gave birth to a son, who would later inherit his grandfather's throne.
As it was a royal disgrace for a daughter of noble birth to have a child out of wedlock, she raised him carefully and hidden out of view.
Kept in shape, her son conquered the toughest challenge in the village.
His name was fast growing a legend.
Díbul, the chief, was very impressed by the prowess of the young man while he was once watching him pitching his challengers.
When the chief asked who the unbeatable hero was, the elders around him made him enter first into a covenant not to do any harm.
After he learned that Ambesajr was the father of his grandson, he flew into a rage and nixed his covenant and had him killed.
But he regretted his decision as soon as he gained his composure.
The chief named his grandson Jr Gedela.
He then appointed his grandson to govern a vast territory.
When the chief set out to pay tribute to other feudal lords, he died of malaria and nobody knows his last resting place.
After his grandfather's death, Jr Gedela inherited the throne and it was time for him to retaliate his kinsfolk on his mother's side.


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