Taylor Swift Faces Major BACKLASH For 'YNTCD' Music Video!

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So I know I JUST told you to go watch Taylor Swift’s new music video, and if you did maybe you, like many other people, found it a bit problematic?

Hey guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News and a lot of people are saying Taylor Swift needs to calm down with the stereotypes in her new song “You Need to Calm Down”.

So while all Swifties were LOVING this music video… there were a lot of people HATING on the music video as well!

The haters call her newfound allyship “forced and unnatural”

With some people saying “The fact she really depicted anti-LGBT protestors as hicks? Many are very privileged people in high places”

or “I try to think that it’s purely intended but I can’t help but think it’s your classic “let’s crac out a rainbow for pride month” stuff, but on a Taylor Swift level that means getting queer people to be set dressing

BUT the queer people in the video are all team Taylor

Hayley Kiyoko said “My dream of being Orlando Bloom as Legolas came true. Thank you Taylor Swift, you don’t know what this means”

and Bobby Berk said ‘so much fun filming with this angel”

And they’re not the only stars speaking out on behalf of Taylor.

One part of Tay’s old squad, Gigi Hadid, said “the first time I saw it I actually cried. So many important messages shown so creatively and with so much love”

And Nina Dobrev said “I’m so GLAAD Taylor Swift made this song and incredible music video. Sign the petition here”

At the end of the video, Taylor gave a link where you can donate to the Equality Act, which advocates for the safety of LGBT people in work and in public.

I mean, if anything, Taylor certainly gave some publicity to queer stars who usually fly under the mainstream media radar.

Like Tatianna, Trinity The Tuck, Jade Jolie, A’keria Davenport, and the rest of the drag queens portraying different pop stars.

Or Justin Mikita, Jesse’s husband who runs two businesses that give back to the homeless and the LGBTQ plus community.

So, yes, maybe Taylor Swift is pandering to gays a bit because she knows it will generate sales. But at the same time, she’s putting her money where her mouth is and doing a lot more for the community than most other artists of her caliber.

So let’s hear from you guys. Do you think Taylor’s depictions of anti-LGBTQ people was a bit tone-deaf? Was it all about the money for Taylor, or do you think she does actually care as much as she’s leading on. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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