UNEXPECTED Moments From The Oscars Red Carpet!

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Tonight’s the night! The biggest night of the year in Hollywood -- the Oscars. And while sometimes the awards can be predictable the red carpet always manages to serve up several surprises and tonight was no exception.

What’s up everyone? Happy Oscars Sunday! It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we all know that The Academy Awards are a celebration of film, but we also have to celebrate the red carpet because that’s where half the fun goes down.

And there were so many unexpected moments on this year’s red carpet that we have to talk about.

Starting with Billie Eilish fangirling over Mindy Kaling.

If you’re a big Billie Eilish fan you know that she is a die hard fan of the show “The Office”, so much so that she even sampled some of the show in “my strange addiction.”

And while Billie is one of the biggest stars at tonight’s show and I’m sure tons of celebs are fangirling over her, she fangirled over Mindy because Mindy was in The Office.

The sweet moment was caught on camera as Billie was heading up for her interview with E! News.

And fans are loving this moment.

One fan wrote quote, “Billie Eilish and Mindy Kahling just met at the Oscars and the office fan in me is NOT OK RIGHT NOW!”

Another wrote quote, “She’s so cute” with a crying face.

And another wrote quote, “@billieeilish fangirling over @mindykaling is a moment ALL of us #TheOffice fans can relate to”

And we loved this moment too!

Another unexpected and sweet moment was Spike Lee honoring Kobe Bryant with his suit.

He rocked a full purple and yellow suit with Kobe’s number, 24, both on the front and back of his suit and the look was intentional all the way down to his basketball shoes.

And fans were super here for this look.

They have been tweeting love to Spike for paying respect to Kobe.

But Spike wasn’t the only one making a statement with his outfit.

Natalie Portman called out the Academy for not nominating any female directors in the Best Director category this year.

She subtly rocked the names of all of the female directors who were not nominated at the Oscars embroidered onto her Dior cape.

But there were also some OMG moments on the red carpet.

Billy Porter, who was one of the red carpet hosts tonight, had a couple slip ups when introducing Hollywood’s elite!

Fans caught that he pronounced Michael Strahan’s name incorrectly and called him “Michael Strayhorn,” but thankfully he was able to save himself.

Not before Twitter was able to get to it though.

One person wrote quote, “According to Billy Porter, @michaelstrahan is actually Michael StraHORN... lol”

Another wrote quote, “billy porter just who'd michael strahan on the #Oscars red carpet and i am in heaven @whoweekly”

And another said quote, “Sorry @michaelstrahan. Your name is now officially Michael Strahorn.”

And as surprising as fans found this moment, nothing was as surprising on the red carpet as Blac Chyna’s attendance.

Chyna is not set to present at the Academy Awards and she was not in any of the nominated films, so the entire internet was shook over her walking the red carpet.

One person said quote, “So since Blac Chyna at the #Oscars, I guess I can too”

And another wrote quote, “Who knows why she is invited, but girl is SERVING LOOKS and anybody that says otherwise is just hating.”

And regardless of why Chyna attended the Oscars, we were here for her big moment.

But I want to know what you guys think.

What red carpet moment was the most unexpected to you? Was it one of these moments or was there another big surprise?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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