15 Strict Rules Female Figure Skaters Have To Follow

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Women's Professional Figure Skating Rules Are More Strict Than You Could Ever Imagine. From The The Lipinski Rule to Skirt Vs. Body Suits...
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The elegance and beauty of female figure skating is one-of-a-kind. For the ladies, they use a combination of classic artistry and athletic technicality to wow judges and audiences all over the world. The point system can sometimes be a little confusing, ok… it’s seriously mind-boggling...but most of the time, you can visually tell who won the competition. Although, there are some incidents which confuse viewers and experts alike. Perhaps it was the Russian duel in PyeongChang, the French judge in Salt Lake City, or the infamous Harding-Kerrigan rivalry. Yeah, sometimes figure skating can get a little dramatic. Whatever the case, skating scandals occur regularly. It's not the kind of sport you'll see get round the clock coverage, but whenever it does appear in the spotlight, many pay attention and they get a little more interested in some of the lesser known facts about the sport. One of the more lesser known things about figure skating is all of the crazy rules we don’t even know these skaters are required to adhere to. In order to understand the details behind these stories, you have to dive into the depths of the International Skating Union (ISU) rulebook, and also into the life of a female figure skater. Yeah, it’s a lot of research. Luckily, we already did that for you! Sit back as we play judge and jury with 15 super strict rules that female figure skaters have to follow; both written and unwritten. Some of these are just downright confusing.

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