Swedish Girls Transform Into Twin Barbies

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The Story Of Two 6 Year Old Swedish Girls Who Became Best Friends, And Transformed Themselves Into Real Life Barbies..
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At a time when so many people seem to be focusing on their differences, two women from Stockholm, Sweden, might set the world straight. Sofia Hagenlöv and Julia Bergman knew they were going to be very best friends from the day they met. But they’re so much more than besties. They’re closer than most blood sisters out there. In fact, they spent most of their childhood and teen years looking for ways to transform themselves into the nearly identical fitness model Barbies they are today.

The two besties are often confused for twins, not that you could blame them. These non-genetic sisters look remarkably similar from head to toe. We’re talking the same color, same style. Even their mannerisms and the way they stand are the same. But this isn’t one of those cases where someone runs into their doppelgangers. Most friends claim they’re close, but these gals are taking friendship to a whole new different level. They have been working hard to achieve a nearly identical look over the years. And they also share the same drive to look fit.

They even share identical business-oriented goals! Now they’re a package deal and it’s rare to see one without the other. And when they go out, people come up to them and ask them if they’re sisters. In fact, if one of them shows up and the other one doesn’t, people often ask, “Where’s your twin?” But they’re not sick of people saying they look alike. In fact, it’s a great conversation starter!

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