Actors Who Lied To Get A Role

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Actors Who Were Caught In A Lie Trying To Land A Movie Or Television Part. Mila Kunis, Robert Pattinson...

Lying on your resume to get a job isn't exactly a new thing- who hasn’t said that they are fluent in Microsoft Excel, right? But with all the connectivity and with how fast news spreads these days it is a bit surprising that it still happens. Of course, there’s always the option to lie now, and figure it out later. In Hollywood, this is actually even more common, but you'd think it'd be harder with all the exposure. But the tv and film industry is a crazy business, so a lot of things slip through the cracks if you’re a good enough actor... Or… well... A good enough liar really. Nevertheless, there are many famous actors who lied to get movie and TV roles—and many of these roles are iconic! The idea of an actor fluffing up his or her resume with unreal skills might sound like something straight out of a sitcom — hello, Joey Tribbiani on Friends — but there have been plenty of actors who've been caught red-handed using made-up achievements to get onto the red carpet. The only difference is that for actors, the job skills they're fibbing about tend to be a lot more interesting than software proficiency. Some of the things these Hollywood legends are lying about actually end up putting them in seriously dangerous positions. Other times, they just end up getting really embarrassed about being caught in a lie and looking like they don’t know what they’re doing. The moral of the story? Don’t lie on your resume and also, be careful what you wish for.

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