Shane Dawson Reveals WHY TanaCon Was Such a DISASTER

Shane Dawson Reveals WHY TanaCon Was Such a DISASTER

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YouTuber Shane Dawson is digging into why TanaCon truly failed in a new three part documentary style vlog.

It’s getting real dramatic, y’all!

TanaCon was an event that happened the same weekend as VidCon, down the street from VidCon, in retaliation of VidCon. YouTuber Tana Mongeau launched the convention in direct competition with VidCon because of problems she had with staff there over being a featured creator and causing safety problems.

And if you guys haven’t heard by now, TanaCon was kind of a huge disaster. The whole event was shut down due to safety concerns and riot hazards. Now YouTuber Shane Dawson, who was scheduled to have a meet and greet at TanaCon, has put together a three part series about what really went down at the convention.

He starts the video off explaining that in the days after TanaCon he spoke with several attendees who were there to see him. Then we cut to a conversation he had with two girls who travelled from Florida for the event. They were the first to allege that the company behind the event, Good Times, was actually a scam.

Fans and attendees are saying that no one inside or in line for TanaCon got a free ticket. It was thought that the free tickets sold out super fast, but it may be the case that there weren’t even free tickets to begin with, and that all 5,000 people actually paid $65 dollars for the “Featured Fucking Creator” badges.

It was also being reported that an additional 15,000 people showed up to the event, and that’s why they couldn’t fit everyone inside, but Shane makes a little comparison to a photo of what a crowd of 20,000 people actually looks like.

The problem actually lied in the capacity of the convention space. The Marriott hotel lobby and space in the hotel that was used for TanaCon couldn’t even fit 5,000 people in it according to the capacity listed on their website.

Eventually we get to see a phone call that Shane had with Tana. In it she talks about how scared she is to say anything bad about Good Times and Michael Mellon-who is thought to be the CEO of Good Times.

And she says QUOTE, “I’m just terrified of letting the people who love me the most down. And I did. I let them down.”

The video ends with a look into the next two parts of the series, featuring a snippet of a video chat with Michael, and an in person emotional interview with Tana, but no date on when to expect those videos.

So guys this is a wild ride and we want to hear your theories… is Good Times a legitimate company? Do you blame Tana or the company? And are you going to be keeping up with the next videos Shane makes on the subject? Let us know in the comments below! And then click over here (point to your left) to watch another breaking news story and don't forget to subscribe to our channels (Point down from around chest level). I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time!

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