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Harsh realities for IDPs

The Government of Ethiopia, together with development partners is saying the rehabilitating citizens displaced due to the conflict between the bordering areas of Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states is progressing. And one of these areas is Medda Wolabu, reports Samuel Getachew.

The narrative of Ethiopia is changing having graduated its once doomed economy to one that is worthy of recognition. According to the World Bank 2018 forecast, the nation is East Africa’s fastest growing economy. While this remains a humbling milestone and something to behold, what has not tickled down is on millions of people who are displaced around the country for a variety of reasons.

The experience of Ethiopia is not unique across the region and it follows a uniform like occurrences that are experienced by many people in the horn of Africa. The current pressing conflict between Ethiopian Somalis and Oromos has also affected many people. The two ethnic groups seem to compete for internal border that they have used as grazing land and as a means of survival.

While the causes of the conflicts of Ethiopia are an open debate, it is having real impact on the ground even though conflicts in Ethiopia are generational.

In Medda Wolabu district within the Bale Zone in South-East Ethiopia about 500 KM out of the capital, inside the Oromia Regional State, there are now thousands of people displaced and living with the support of charitable organizations as well as the government because of what has become the reality of the village.

Thanks to Samuel Getachew and Read Detail at Reporter.

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