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Noble moves with Ethiopian



Fusion of traditional and contemporary  Ethiopia is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The traditional dance scene in Ethiopia speaks of this fact laud and clear. Every dance movement carries with it a piece of the specific mindset of the community which created it. Nevertheless, Ethiopia’s traditional dance scene is also the least studied and investigated. Yet, in recent times, some innovative dance crews are coming up with a unique style which is also important to preserve traditional dances by fusing it with contemporary moves, explores Meheret-Selassie Mokonnen. 

Nambi IV, The Present Past, is a dance piece choreographed by Ugandan dancer Lilian Maxmillian Nabaggala. The dance performed by her along with two other contemporary dancers takes the audience back to ancient times to reflect up on potent African queens.  Last week the three dancers graced Alliance Ethio-Françaises’ stage with royal outfits and noble moves.

The half an hour show was intended to depict how African queens used to rule their respective countries. The dance highlighted African queens from Yaa Asantawwa, Queen of the Ashanti Empire (Ghana), to Queen Nzinga of Angola, Queen of Sheba of Ethiopian and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.

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