Learning process at universities resume as situations become calm



Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,- Learning process at universities that has been witnessed clashes recently has resumed as order has been restored at the institutions, the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, GCAO Minister Dr Negeri Lencho said all the universities that witnessed clashes have returned to their previous calmness.

Noting that the clashes occurred in the universities lack sound reason, Negeri said the situation has quickly spread to other places through forces with the intention of instigating conflict.

The clashes in some universities changed their feature triggering conflict amongst students, which led to the injury and even death of students, he added.

He also noted damage inflicted on the universities that were constructed with huge investment with the aim of creating educated community.

According to Negeri, concerted efforts of the task force established for this purpose, the government, religious leaders and community members have helped to restore order.

The learning process at all of the universities that clashes were occurred has resumed because of these efforts.

He noted that the consultation that the task force held with leaders of each university, religious leaders, community elders and students is fruitful in calming the situation.

Negeri emphasized the need to positively understand the night time curfew imposed and deployment of security forces at the universities as the moves are aimed to ensure safety of students.

The Minister has also underlined that the government has no intention of permanently stationing security forces at the universities.

Noting that forwarding queries is a right, Negeri urged students to stage inquiries peacefully and democratically and enhance the long aged tradition of peaceful co-existence.

Regarding the killing of people in Chelenko and West Hararge, Negeri said the government is investigating both cases.

The Minister asserted that the findings will be publicized as soon as the investigation completes.

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