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  • The TV series mania
    The TV series mania
    As TV series are becoming popular in Ethiopia, in substitute of movies whose popularity has come to a sudden halt, Samuel...
  • Still grooving to the oldies
    Still grooving to the oldies
    Many music lovers around the world still dance to songs from the oldies but goodies collection produced 30, 40 and even 50...
  • Noble moves with Ethiopian
    Noble moves with Ethiopian
    Fusion of traditional and contemporary Ethiopia is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The traditional dance scene in...
  • Land of Paradox - Israel
    Land of Paradox - Israel
    There are not a lot of countries and communities who can trace their ancestry back to the biblical times or even further back....
  • Chapter 2 for the all-female band
    Chapter 2 for the all-female band
    Founded in 2013 to tackle issues including domestic violence and forced marriage through songs and online videos Yegna primary...
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